Queer Beer Launch

Tomorrow morning here at Half Pints we will be releasing this year’s Queer Beer. This Helles style brew will available at 9 a.m. for purchase, with the kick-off celebration beginning at 12 p.m. The kick-off includes samples in our tasting room and toasts and speeches around 12:30. The tasting room will be open until 4 o’clock, and as usual a brewery tour will run at 1.

This is the third year us Half Pints folks have been involved in the Pride Festival, and I love every minute of it. Nothing makes me happier than working with a small crew of open-minded, creative people. Oh, and drinking Queer Beer in the beer tent at the Forks on parade day…that makes me pretty happy as well. Hope to see you there!

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Queer Beer will be donated to Pride Winnipeg. The beer will hit store shelves at the following Liquor Mart locations next week: Portage & Burnell, River & Osborne, Hargrave & Ellice, and Grant Park.

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Hop on board the festival express

If you are looking for something excellent to do this Saturday I wholeheartedly encourage you to check this show out:

(Poster art by the lovely and talented Griffin Sokal, @thatgriffingirl)

Paying homage the infamous 1970s train tour across Canada by some of America’s greatest rock bands, this Mini Festival Express will bring together some seriously tasty local talent. Featuring Smokebox as Janis Joplin & the Full Tilt Boogie Band, The Dylannaires as The Grateful Dead and James & the Giants as The Band, it’s sure to be a rowdy, beer fuelled night of  good tunes.

Oh, and make that beer a Half Pints, because the Park now has St. James Pale on tap. Cheers!

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The music video is NOT dead.

This has been floating around in my Facebook feed for a while now, and I love it so damn much that it occurs to me that I should share it. This is a video by The MacLean Brothers, who are a lovely group of musicians from right here in Winnipeg. Give it a listen and show them some love, would ya?

Now tell me, doesn’t that just put a smile on your face? I thought so.

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Readers, contain your jealousy.

This is what I did last night. It was incredible. Like, I want to follow these guys everywhere for the rest of my life incredible. Sometimes a girl just needs to get a little wine drunk and see an amazing show, y’know?

One of Jesse’s bands (Jason Maas and the Lower Companions – check it) was recording at Private Ear this weekend. I had initially intended to sit in for a bit and write a post about it, but unfortunately I spent the majority of the weekend running errands and cleaning my apartment instead. Still, it deserves mention and you should check them out because I said so. Oh, and they’re pretty rad. And I said so.

There’s something about the music scene here in the ‘Peg that makes me swoon. Can you blame me?

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I’ll just leave this here.

JP Hoe was just lovely last night. More about that next week. Happy weekend!

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Fun under self-imposed house arrest.

For the past few days I’ve been covered in hives, which I’m pretty sure is the result of some kind of insect-like creature getting all bitey with my arm area. Last night I decided to chill in for the evening covered in calamine lotion. Desperately lonely, I had a friend came over to knock back a beer and watch some B movies on Netflix. I love me some Netflix.

Then we got bored. Then this happened.

All serious blanketeers tie their forts to the ceiling.

Stay cozy, kids.

Nothing makes you forget about being itchy quite like building a blanket fort, and that’s a fact.

Tonight I’m heading out for the JP Hoe CD Release Party at the West End Cultural Centre. It’s going to be super wonderful, I can feel it.

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Fun With Beer

Sometimes I stumble into some really cool situations thanks to my place of employment. One of those situations went down on Monday night, when I attended my first Barley’s Angels event at Madison Square Liquor Mart. Our lovely hosts Dot and Steve prepared a beer dinner for us, featuring the following menu:


Do you guys like food porn? Here’s some of that for you.


There was a soup course in there as well, but do you think I bothered to take a picture? Negative.

Of course my favourite part was the beer. I didn’t think to take notes while I was trying all of these, mostly because I was busy getting my (small samples of) drink on. Still, I do remember being pleasantly surprised with the first brew we tried, Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer. I don’t recall ever having tried a ginger beer before (I’m as shocked as you are, trust me), and this one was absolutely lovely. I think I would like to give it another go as a dessert beer. The Red Racer ESB is lovely as well, and I would highly recommend it if you are a fan of hops/bitters.


I am so looking forward to attending more of these events in the future. If you are a beer-lovin’ lady who lives in Winnipeg be sure to check out our Barley’s Angels Facebook page and think about joining us in our last event of the season in June.

Cheers to beers, friends. Cheers to beers!

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